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Data Science Weekly Newsletter
December 5, 2019

Editor's Picks

  • Can AI Help Us Identify Animals?
    New technology has revolutionized how we study wild animals, but it has also bogged down scientists with data...luckily, there's an *intelligent* solution...

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Data Science Articles & Videos

  • Keras inventor Chollet charts a new direction for AI: a Q&A
    Google scientist François Chollet has made a lasting contribution to AI in the wildly popular Keras application programming interface. He now hopes to move the field toward a new approach to intelligence. He talked with ZDNet about what he hopes to accomplish...
  • DeepHuman: 3D Human Reconstruction from a Single Image
    We propose DeepHuman, a deep learning based framework for 3D human reconstruction from a single RGB image. Since this problem is highly intractable, we adopt a stage-wise, coarse-to-fine method consisting of three steps, namely inner body estimation, outer surface reconstruction and frontal surface detail refinement...
  • Understanding the generalization of ‘lottery tickets’ in neural networks
    New research from Facebook AI finds the first definitive evidence that lottery tickets generalize across related, but distinct datasets and can extend to reinforcement learning (RL) and natural language processing (NLP). We’re sharing details on the results of our experiments using winning tickets, and we’re also introducing a new theoretical framework on the formation of lottery tickets to help researchers advance toward a better understanding of lucky initializations...
  • Procgen Benchmark
    We’re releasing Procgen Benchmark, 16 simple-to-use procedurally-generated environments which provide a direct measure of how quickly a reinforcement learning agent learns generalizable skills...


Create D3 Data Visualizations As Fast As You Can Sketch

You need to create a D3.js data visualization to communicate your insights. But... #d3BrokeAndMadeArt! This time, your data join appears to have broken and the JavaScript console shows an error you don't recognize. Last time, you got stuck trying to figure out how to make axes that didn't look like 3rd graded made them. It makes you want to strangle D3 with your bare hands. Just how steep does the D3 learning curve need to be?!
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  • Data Scientist - Driven Brands - Charlotte, NC

    The Data Scientist for Driven Brands focus will be responsible for providing reliable marketing, media and promotional performance analysis and reporting to Senior Executives and Business Unit Management to be used to make decisions impacting the performance of the business...
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Training & Resources

  • Deep Learning with DNN Compiler
    This article shows how to use DNNC to compile a machine learning model on a microcontroller or microcomputer worth ranging from 10¢ to $5...


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