What Data Scientists are reading. And why.

What Data Scientists are reading. And why.

We recently posted an analysis of the most-read articles on our newsletter for the past two quarters. We were curious to understand what was getting the most clicks and if there were any consistent areas of interest...

So what are Data Scientists reading? And why? There seem to be 4 themes:

  1. Defining the Data Scientist role: The community wants to understand the role of a Data Scientist, how to assess if they are one, and determine how it is different from similar jobs such as a Data Analyst

  1. Becoming a Data Scientist: Aspiring Data Scientists want to get up to speed on the necessary skills as well as understand what the job entails and what potential employers are looking for

  1. Finding novel Data Science applications: Everyone is looking out for interesting and different ways that the community is using Data Science/Machine Learning in practice from the "awesome" to the "surprising" to the more practical applications of making money, hacking video games or simply finding the bars that women love!

  1. Identifying programming language(s) of choice: Data Scientists want to understand the programming language options available - how they came to prominence, how to use them most effectively and which will win out in the long-run

It will be very interesting to see if these themes remain consistent as the Data Science community grows and the field itself evolves - we'll keep you posted!

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