Interview with Data Science Hiring Manager: Carlos Cabrera, Patreon

Interview with Data Science Hiring Manager: Carlos Cabrera, Patreon

We recently interviewed Carlos Cabrera, who leads the Data Science team at Patreon about the role they're currently hiring for.

Carlos himself joined Patreon in May 2015 after completing an MBA at Stanford's Graduate School of Business. His professional experience includes statistical modeling of natural catastrophe risk, management at a music technology company, and strategy consulting. He also plays the drums for Pomplamoose, the band co-founded by Patreon's CEO Jack Conte.

Carlos, thanks for taking the time to chat with us - we're excited to learn more about the role you're hiring for and any advice you have for candidates!

Let's get into it :) ...

Q. What's one thing that's really compelling about the role that doesn't necessarily come through in the job description?

You'll learn a ton about how start-ups work because our Data Science group supports every part of the organization, including product and engineering, marketing, sales, customer support, financial reporting, etc.

Q. Out of all the requirements listed, which are the most critical for a candidate to possess? Why?

The most important requirement is that you're fired-up to help us achieve Patreon's mission. We are here to fund the emerging creative class. If that gets you really excited, please contact us!

Q. How do you typically read a data science resume? (i.e., Are there sections you skim, places you focus more time etc.)

There isn't one particular section where we spend the most time. First, we assess the value that you've delivered in your past work by reviewing your academic and professional experience. Next, we look for technical, hands-on, analytical experience. Finally, we look for extracurricular activities and interests that demonstrate a connection to Patreon's mission.

Q. What are the hallmarks of what you'd consider a "stand-out" data science resume?

A few things

  • Excellent GPA in a technical field with an advanced degree (Master's or a Ph.D.)
  • Unusual value added in a past work experience
  • An authentic connection to Patreon's mission
  • Bonus: Participation in groups or organizations related to data science (it shows you are serious about your career progression and really passionate about your field)

Q. What should candidates avoid doing on their resume?

Candidates should avoid a long and dense resume. Where helpful, provide a link to your projects or website as a resource for additional information. Also, spelling mistakes and poor formatting are a huge red flag.

If you're interested in learning more about the role at Patreon, you can find the full job posting here. Below is a summary ...

Patreon is the best way for creators to receive recurring funding directly from their fans. Everyone in the Patreon family is deeply invested in the mission of paying creators and empowering the emerging creative class. As a member of our growing Data Science team, you will analyze key metrics to answer big questions about our users and usage, inform product strategy and overall company strategy with data-driven research, and help us build a culture of data-driven decision making at Patreon.

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