How to find Data Scientists who work at Company X

How to find Data Scientists who work at Company X

You know you need to tailor your resume to each company you apply to, but you don’t know where to start. Some people have suggested finding out which Data Scientists are working there today, but a couple of high-level Google searches haven’t produced any helpful results. You’re about to leave your resume as-is - you only have so much time in the day to devote to each application, and fruitless googling is not how you want to spend it…

Wait! First, tailoring is incredibly important, so don’t push it off. Second, there are some specific Google searches that can help quickly unearth which Data Scientists are working at a company - which you can then use to figure out what they’re working on, what skills they have etc (more on that in a follow-up post). For now, let’s figure out who’s working where you want to!

Ok, here’s how… We strongly recommend googling specific site domains versus a broad google search as the latter (as you may well have found) often doesn’t get deep enough into the most helpful spots for what you’re looking for. So, which domains? In our experience, these are the best places to look:

  1. Google “Data Scientist [Company X]”. Look through the results. Write down any of the names that are in the company and location you’re applying to.
  2. Google “Data Scientist [Company X]”. Look through the results and click into the profiles/tweets that look most promising. Does anyone list themselves as a Data Scientist at the company?
  3. Google “Data Scientist [Company X]”. Given so many Data related meetups exist, there’s a high chance someone from the team will be attending local events and adding employment details to their public profile
  4. Review the Company website, especially the About page. Are team members listed? Is there a Data Scientist on there (more likely for smaller companies, but worth a shot)?

How to take action now!

Locate the job posting you are going to apply to next (or, if you’re not there yet, pick one at random from a jobs site like For that Company, run through the 4 different searches outlined above and see how many Data Scientists you can find. Experience would suggest you’ll find at least one - unless you’re applying to be the first Data Scientist there, which obviously makes it a bit harder :)

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