Data Scientist Interviews - Volume 2, December 2014

Data Scientist Interviews - Volume 2, December 2014

Given the success of our first Interview Series, we kept going!

Over the past few months we have been lucky enough to conduct in-depth interviews with another 15 different Data Scientists. The 15 interviewees have varied roles and focus areas: from start-up founders to academics to those working at more established companies; working across content discovery, gaming, genomics, health and fitness, entertainment, mobile/communications and more…

In case you've missed any, here is a recap of the interviews to date with their relevant links as well as a pdf of everything in one place to make them more easily accessible to the community.

Thanks again to all the interviewees! Looking forward to the next 15!...

Download the pdf here =>Data Scientist Interviews, Volume 2, Dec 2014

P.S.If you enjoyed these interviews and want to learn more about

  • what it takes to become a data scientist
  • what skills do I need
  • what type of work is currently being done in the field

then check out Data Scientists at Work - a collection of 16 interviews with some the world's most influential and innovative data scientists, who each address all the above and more! :)

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