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Data Science Weekly Newsletter
December 25, 2014

Editor's Picks

Data Science Articles & Videos

  • Scraping and Analyzing Baseball Data with R
    We get a lot of emails from people who are interested in analyzing sports data. The usual suspects are moneyball types--SABRmetrics enthusiasts with a love of baseball and a penchant for R. Luckily for us, baseball data is very accessible. The MLB even goes as far as to make low level details on every pitch publicly available. In this post, I'm going to show you how you can scrape your own baseball data in R and then use it to determine how important winning is for teams' game attendance....
  • Renormalization: A Common Logic to Seeing Cats and Cosmos
    Now, two physicists have shown that one form of deep learning works exactly like one of the most important and ubiquitous mathematical techniques in physics, a procedure for calculating the large-scale behavior of physical systems such as elementary particles, fluids and the cosmos....
  • Yann Lecun, Facebook - Talk at Data Driven NYC
    Professor Yann LeCun, Director of AI Research at Facebook, sat down for a fireside chat at December 2014's edition of Data Driven NYC to discuss deep learning and the future of artificial intelligence...
  • Analyzing the Queen's Speech: 50 years of Christmas at the Windsors
    Of course, the most important element of the season is still ahead of us – all across the Commonwealth people are eagerly awating the Queen's Christmas Broadcast. We figured that in order to shorten the wait, it might be fun to take a look back at the history of the speeches her Majesty has given over the years...


  • Senior Data Scientist - Salesforce - San Francisco, CA
    The Data Science Lab within the Product Intelligence team is responsible for solving the most complex and pressing business problems at Salesforce (SFDC). Data Scientists within the DSL are tasked with surfacing hidden relationships in our data, offering actionable metrics for decision-making, and turning seemingly unrelated ideas into powerful insights by leveraging advanced statistics, data mining and machine learning. As a Sr. Data Scientist you will be analyzing and extracting insights from one of the world's largest, and most interesting, B2B data sets. You will work with decision makers across the company to provide actionable, data-driven insights that impact product strategy....

Training & Resources

  • 24 Data Science Resources to Keep Your Finger on the Pulse
    There are lots of resources out there to learn about, or to build upon what you already know about, data science. But where do you start? What are some of the best or most authoritative sources? Here are some websites, books, and other resources that we think are outstanding...
  • What tools do employers want data scientists to know?
    You find yourself overwhelmed with all the various tools mentioned in data science forums. You get advice to learn and practice R. Then you should learn Python. Then you should learn SQL. ... It just doesn’t stop...


  • Data Scientists at Work
    NOW OUT ON KINDLE: Many of you asked us to let you know when this came out on Kindle, so here's your heads up!... A collection of interviews with sixteen of the world's most influential and innovative data scientists from across the spectrum of this hot new profession...
    "In this book, you will see how some of the world's top data scientists work across a dizzyingly wide variety of industries and applications – each leveraging their own blend of domain expertise, statistics, and computer science to create tremendous value and impact..."
    - Peter Norvig, Director of Research, Google

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