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Data Science Weekly Newsletter
December 4, 2014

Editor's Picks

  • Deep learning for… chess
    I’ve been meaning to learn Theano for a while and I’ve also wanted to build a chess AI at some point. So why not combine the two?...

Data Science Articles & Videos

  • Project Adam: Building an Efficient & Scalable Deep Learning Training System
    Large deep neural network models have recently demonstrated state-of-the-art accuracy on hard visual recognition tasks. Unfortunately such models are extremely time consuming to train and require large amount of compute cycles. We describe the design and implementation of a distributed system called Adam comprised of commodity server machines to train such models that exhibits world-class performance, scaling and task accuracy on visual recognition tasks...
  • Data Science Through the Lens of Social Science - Drew Conway
    In this talk, Drew will examine data science through the lens of the social scientist. He will discuss how the various skills and disciplines combine into data science. Drew will also present a motivating example directly from his work as a senior advisor to NYC's Mayor's Office of Analytics...
  • Google is funding “an artificial intelligence for data science”
    Google is funding a project called Automatic Statistician that bills itself as “an artificial intelligence for data science,”. The project, which comes out of the University of Cambridge and is still in its early stages, aims to automate the selection, building and explanation of machine learning models...


  • Data Scientist - Tesco, UK
    As a Data Scientist, you will be joining a growing, highly analytical team of Data Scientists focused on delivering a better understanding of the business based on big data. Our core work involves integrating and analysing Tesco and external data sources, building models that learn from these data, and providing tools that allow the business to make decisions from these models. For example we have worked on developing demand forecasting systems, optimising online prices, developing new picking algorithms, and linking web and mobile browsing data with store purchases to better understand the customer journey across all touch points...

Training & Resources

  • Introduction to Deep Learning with Python
    Alec Radford, Head of Research at indico Data Solutions, speaking on deep learning with Python and the Theano library. The emphasis of the talk is on high performance computing, natural language processing using recurrent neural nets, and large scale learning with GPUs...


  • Scikit-Learn Cookbook
    Over 50 recipes to incorporate scikit-learn into every step of the data science pipeline, from feature extraction to model building and model evaluation...
    "If you're a data scientist already familiar with Python but not Scikit-Learn, or are familiar with other programming languages like R and want to take the plunge with the gold standard of Python machine learning libraries, then this is the book for you..."...

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