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Data Science Weekly Newsletter
October 16, 2014

Editor's Picks

  • How do I find Wally with Python?
    Inspired by How do I find Waldo with Mathematica and the followup How to find Waldo with R, as a new python user I'd love to see how this could be done. It seems that python would be better suited to this than R...

Data Science Articles & Videos

  • Classifying Shakespearean Drama with Sparse Feature Sets
    By analyzing only the length of a play and the number of words women speak in that play, one can start to get reasonably good separation between the genres: comedies tend to be shorter and include more female dialogue, histories tend to be longer and include less female dialogue, and tragedies split provocatively between the upper right and lower left. Reviewing these figures, I can't shake the suspicion that a third dimension of data could unite these divided tragedies. But what would that dimension consist of? ...
  • Music Information Retrieval Using Locality Sensitive Hashing
    Music information retrieval (MIR) is an interdisciplinary field bridging the domains of statistics, signal processing, machine learning, musicology, biology, and more. In this talk, we will survey common research problems in MIR, including music fingerprinting, transcription, classification, and recommendation, and recently proposed solutions in the research literature...
  • Visualizing MNIST: An Exploration of Dimensionality Reduction
    At some fundamental level, no one understands machine learning. It isn’t a matter of things being too complicated. Almost everything we do is fundamentally very simple. Unfortunately, an innate human handicap interferes with us understanding these simple things....


  • Analyst/Data Scientist, idibon - San Francisco, CA
    We’re looking for someone who loves analyzing (language) data and talking to customers. Our clients answers all sorts of questions using Idibon’s products and you’ll help them figure out how to get the best results. So this involves experimental design, writing scripts, running stats, making sure you understand client needs and making sure you communicate them so that the rest of the team understands them, too...
    [Note: idibon, a start-up that has developed applications that make sense of text in scores of languages, has just announced Series A round of $5.5M]...

Training & Resources

  • A Hitchhikers Guide to Data Science
    This article is supposed to be a rough guide to all aspiring data scientists. It is a whistle stop tour of all the necessary steps to create a data science project, including the tools and practical tips...


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