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Data Science Weekly Newsletter
September 4, 2014

Editor's Picks

  • What I learned from competing against a ConvNet on ImageNet
    The results of the 2014 ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ILSVRC) were published a few days ago. The New York Times wrote about it too. ILSVRC is one of the largest challenges in Computer Vision and every year teams compete to claim the state-of-the-art performance on the dataset...

Data Science Articles & Videos

  • Mathematical Predictions for the iPhone 6
    Ok, this isn’t really math. Let’s instead call this a plain old model (you could argue it’s math if you like). Suppose I look at the historical progression of features on the previous iPhones. Could I use this to make a prediction about future iPhone models? In particular, what can I say about the rumored iPhone 6 that should be announced on September 9?...
  • Neglected machine learning ideas
    This post is inspired by the “metacademy” suggestions for “leveling up your machine learning.” They make some halfway decent suggestions for beginners. The problem is, these suggestions won’t give you a view of machine learning as a field; they’ll only teach you about the subjects of interest to authors of machine learning books, which is different...
  • John Wilbanks: Let’s Pool Our Medical Data
    In this TED Talk, data scientist John Wilbanks discusses how strict privacy laws inhibit scientific research efforts, and asks us to imagine what potential discoveries could result from a giant pool of freely available anonymized health and genomic data...
  • What's in a Post, Part 1
    What’s in a post? Reddit pulls in around 115 million unique visitors each month, amassing a staggering 5 billion page views per month. For a long time, I’ve wondered what factors draw people to certain Reddit posts while shunning others - does it have to do with the time of day a post is submitted? Do certain users have a monopoly on the most viewed posts? What about text posts vs. links?...
  • What I Learned As Pandora’s First Data Scientist
    Three years ago, Gordon Rios became Pandora’s first official data scientist. Since then, he’s seen the team grow to over a dozen strong and become hugely influential in every decision the company makes. Considering how much of Pandora’s service is data-driven — from maintaining its famous Music Genome Project to creating even more ways for people to discover music they’ll love — it’s one of the best examples around of a data science team growing fast and lean to make a difference...


  • Principal Data Scientist - Skype - Redmond, WA
    We are seeking a highly capable Data Scientist who is passionate about data analysis and modeling, and is driven to make Skype and Lync have the best audio and video communication experience possible. The Skype Real-Time Media group applies core expertise in audio and video signal processing to problems in advanced telecommunication scenarios that are used by hundreds of millions of customers worldwide...

Training & Resources

  • JuliaCon 2014: Videos
    These are all the talks from JuliaCon 2014, held in Chicago on June 26 and 27. It was attended by close to a hundred people, and featured talks on various aspects of Julia....


  • Machine Learning with R
    Practical tutorial that uses hands-on examples to step through real-world application of machine learning...
    "If you are new to both machine learning and R and want to learn both at the same time, I can't imagine there being a better book...."...

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