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January 2, 2020

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Data Science Articles & Videos

  • How the AI community can get serious about reproducibility
    For too long, the AI research community hasn’t consistently and comprehensively shown its work — sometimes for good reasons, such as proprietary code or data privacy concerns. But in many ways, this habit is stalling the industry instead of propelling it...
  • Building a Video Search Engine:
    A Case Study using Salsa Dance Videos

    I’ve decided to marry these two parallel tracks — video and human pose estimation in specific — to create a content-based video search engine. Since applying 2D human pose estimation for video search is a novel idea with “no proof of concept”, I have simplified my approach by selecting a single performer, fixed location single camera video footage of Salsa dance videos...
  • Predictive CPU isolation of containers at Netflix
    We were able to meaningfully improve both the predictability and performance of these containers by taking some of the CPU isolation responsibility away from the operating system and moving towards a data driven solution involving combinatorial optimization and machine learning...
  • Converting Handwritten Math Symbols into Text Using Random Forest
    As a mathematician, I know how tedious it is to type equations using programs such as LaTeX or Word since my undergrad capstone paper had to be written using LaTeX. I was equal parts frustrated by the sheer effort it took to write statistical equations and amazed at how beautiful they turned out. All the same, I still found myself wishing I could just write the equations by hand!...
  • My First Data Science Resume (Sample Data Scientist Resume)
    If you’ve ever googled data science resume, you’ve probably been showered with a plethora of generic articles about structuring a resume, sample resume templates and probably shown example resumes of people who don’t exist or for whom there’s no evidence that they had success with it. The purpose of this piece is to fill that gap by open sourcing the resume that got me my first ever full-time job as a junior data scientist after my graduate program...


Create D3 Data Visualizations As Fast As You Can Sketch

You need to create a D3.js data visualization to communicate your insights. But... #d3BrokeAndMadeArt! This time, your data join appears to have broken and the JavaScript console shows an error you don't recognize. Last time, you got stuck trying to figure out how to make axes that didn't look like 3rd graded made them. It makes you want to strangle D3 with your bare hands. Just how steep does the D3 learning curve need to be?!
What if you could learn and master D3 quickly and deeply?
Great news! - You can ... Check out Screencasts today!

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  • Manager, Data Science - JetBlue - Long Island City, NY

    JetBlue is seeking a Data Science Manager to lead a team of data scientists who will design experiments and develop machine learning models to address the company’s most complex data problems. We are looking for an experienced data scientist with broad knowledge of machine learning and statistical techniques. This individual will establish best practices for data science workflows and knows how to create an environment that enables data scientists to perform at their best. Beyond a great culture, the benefits (free flights!) are hard to beat...
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Training & Resources

  • AutoViz: A New Tool for Automated Visualization
    Thankfully, there is an alternative to creating visualizations using the brute force approach. I recently learned about a library called AutoViz (which is short for “Automated Visualization”)...
  • download-tweets-ai-text-gen
    A small Python 3 script to download public Tweets from a given Twitter account into a format suitable for AI text generation tools ...


  • Data Smart: Using Data Science to Transform Information into Insight
    "The best single book on Data Science today. I handle the data analysis and BI for the delivery side of a huge internet-based retail company, and have been a fan of Foreman's since his "Analytics Made Skeezy" blog days. His explanations are clear, his examples are to the point, and throughout it all, he is results-oriented."...
    For a detailed list of books covering Data Science, Machine Learning, AI and associated programming languages check out our resources page


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