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Data Science Weekly Newsletter
August 29, 2019

Editor's Picks

  • The Care and Feeding of Data Scientists:
    How to Build, Manage, and Retain a Data Science Team

    More and more people find themselves managing data scientists without the necessary toolset or role mod‐ els or mentorship to do the job well. This report aims to fill that gap—to become a resource that data sci‐ ence leaders (whether they’re data scientists or engineers or product managers) can use to understand how data science management is both similar to, and distinct from, other types of management and to learn concrete tips for building and sustaining their teams...
  • The Long Game of Research
    Moshe Vardi reminds us that research is a long game, using the ebbs and flows of neural net history as a case study...
  • Why software projects take longer than you think – a statistical model
    Anyone who built software for a while knows that estimating how long something is going to take is hard. It’s hard to come up with an unbiased estimate of how long something will take, when fundamentally the work in itself is about solving something. One pet theory I’ve had for a really long time, is that some of this is really just a statistical artifact...

A Message From This Week's Sponsor

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Data Science Articles & Videos

  • Generating High-Resolution Fashion Model Images Wearing Custom Outfits
    Visualizing an outfit is an essential part of shopping for clothes. Due to the combinatorial aspect of combining fashion articles, the available images are limited to a pre-determined set of outfits. In this paper, we broaden these visualizations by generating high-resolution images of fashion models wearing a custom outfit under an input body pose. We show that our approach can not only transfer the style and the pose of one generated outfit to another, but also create realistic images of human bodies and garments....
  • Top NLP Research Papers with Business Applications from ACL 2019
    This year’s annual meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2019) was bigger than ever. It is becoming more and more challenging to keep track of the latest research advances in your area with such an overwhelming number of good research papers coming out. So, for your convenience, we’ve picked up and summarized several interesting research papers that might have particularly useful applications in a business setting...
  • A Probabilistic Representation of Deep Learning
    In this work, we introduce a novel probabilistic representation of deep learning, which provides an explicit explanation for the Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) in three aspects: (i) neurons define the energy of a Gibbs distribution; (ii) the hidden layers of DNNs formulate Gibbs distributions; and (iii) the whole architecture of DNNs can be interpreted as a Bayesian neural network...
  • Weight Agnostic Neural Networks
    In this work, we question to what extent neural network architectures alone, without learning any weight parameters, can encode solutions for a given task. We propose a search method for neural network architectures that can already perform a task without any explicit weight training...
  • What Sections to include (and not) on your Data Science Resume
    Wondering exactly what should be on your Data Science Resume? Spending a lot of time scouring resume advice sites but not finding anything specific to Data Science? It can be hard (not to mention time consuming and frustrating), trying to figure out what Sections should be on your resume...


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  • Senior Data Scientist - 12traits - Berlin (Germany) and Los Angeles (USA)

    At 12traits we believe the path to a better future lies in unlocking the true potential of humankind. We do this through harmonizing human behavior data with neuropsychological data, leveraging a multitude of scientifically valid data perspectives that allow us to understand human beings more deeply and sustainably than ever before: ushering in a new era of personalized experiences, starting in gaming, optimized for human potential and health.
    As senior data scientist, you’ll work closely with psychometricians, engineers, as well as UX designers and researchers to actualize the potential derived from combining some of the richest behavioral data sets available with the largest database of highly valid cognitive data. You'll not only get to push your own boundaries, but the boundaries of artificial intelligence...

Training & Resources

  • A Beginner's Guide to the Mathematics of Neural Networks
    In this paper I try to describe both the role of mathematics in shaping our understanding of how neural networks operate, and the curious new mathematical concepts generated by our attempts to capture neural networks in equations. My target reader being the non-expert, I will present a biased selection of relatively simple examples of neural network tasks, models and calculations, rather than try to give a full encyclopedic review-like account of the many mathematical developments in this field....
  • New LILA dataset: Chesapeake Land Cover.
    High-resolution aerial imagery, low-resolution multi-spectral imagery, & high-resolution building footprint masks from Microsoft Bing, formatted to accelerate machine learning research into land cover mapping...


  • Python Crash Course: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming Thorough introduction to programming with Python...
    "I have read multiple beginner guides to Python. I am currently up to chapter 11 in Python Crash Course. So far this is far and away my favorite Python programming book..."...
    For a detailed list of books covering Data Science, Machine Learning, AI and associated programming languages check out our resources page
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