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Data Science Weekly Newsletter
October 4, 2018

Editor's Picks

  • Calculating the Age of the Universe
    Using SQL to query the HyperLEDA database and Axibase Time Series Database to store, process, and visualize the relevant information, a theoretical age of the universe can be calculated using a relatively straightforward procedure which is demonstrated in this article...
  • What Does it Take to Train Deep Learning Models On-Device?
    Over the past few weeks,a few different people have asked me about the state of model training on phones and embedded devices. The good news is that it’s definitely possible, I know of multiple examples of teams doing this successfully. The bad news is that our tools don’t yet make it easy...

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Data Science Articles & Videos

  • How Big Data Is Changing Genetic Research
    New biomedical techniques, like next-generation genome sequencing, are creating vast amounts of data and transforming the scientific landscape. They're leading to unimaginable breakthroughs — but leaving researchers racing to keep up...
  • H3: Uber’s Hexagonal Hierarchical Spatial Index
    Uber developed H3, our grid system for efficiently optimizing ride pricing and dispatch, for visualizing and exploring spatial data. H3 enables us to analyze geographic information to set dynamic prices and make other decisions on a city-wide level. We use H3 as the grid system for analysis and optimization throughout our marketplaces...


  • Data Scientist - Pear Therapeutics - San Francisco or Boston

    At Pear Therapeutics, we have the privilege of building the world’s first-ever class of prescription digital therapeutics. By nature of our therapeutics as digital applications, we have access to rich datasets and unique opportunities to drive clinical outcomes. As a Data Scientist, you will be responsible for shaping and delivering data-driven insights. We are looking for data scientists with a deep product sense, who have an innate curiosity, and are eager to dive into large, complex datasets and create actionable insights....

Training & Resources

  • The Mechanics of Machine Learning
    This book is a primer on machine learning for programmers trying to get up to speed quickly. You'll learn how machine learning works and how to apply it in practice...
  • TGM: PyTorch Geometry
    We just open sourced the PyTorch Geometry package. A geometric computer vision library for PyTorch...


  • Data Visualization with Python and JavaScript:
    Scrape, Clean, Explore & Transform Your Data
    Learn how to turn raw data into rich, interactive web visualizations with the powerful combination of Python and JavaScript. With this hands-on guide, author Kyran Dale teaches you how build a basic dataviz toolchain with best-of-breed Python and JavaScript libraries—including Scrapy, Matplotlib, Pandas, Flask, and D3—for crafting engaging, browser-based visualizations...

    For a detailed list of books covering Data Science, Machine Learning, AI and associated programming languages check out our resources page

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