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Data Science Weekly Newsletter
June 22, 2017

Editor's Picks

  • If Taxi Trips were Fireflies: 1.3 Billion NYC Taxi Trips Plotted
    I downloaded the data files from TLC website, and (very painfully) using Python, Dask, and Spark, have produced a cleaned dataset in Parquet format, which I make this available for AWS users at the end of this post. So I was curious, where do taxis pick up passengers, or more precisely, what does the distribution of taxi pickup locations look like?...
  • One Model To Learn Them All
    Deep learning yields great results across many fields, from speech recognition, image classification, to translation. But for each problem, getting a deep model to work well involves research into the architecture and a long period of tuning. We present a single model that yields good results on a number of problems spanning multiple domains...

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Data Science Articles & Videos

  • ReveRse engineering BoardGameGeek
    As a board game enthusiast I was happy to find a dataset exported from, a board game review site. The set contains average ratings of boardgames. It also contains some boardgame metadata such as category and year of publication...
  • Google launches its AI-powered jobs search engine
    Looking for a new job is getting easier. Google today launched a new jobs search feature right on its search result pages that lets you search for jobs across virtually all of the major online job boards like LinkedIn, Monster, WayUp, DirectEmployers, CareerBuilder and Facebook and others. Google will also include job listings its finds on a company’s homepage...
  • Five Boroughs for the 21st Century
    In this article we explore what happens when we abandon the century-old five borough partitioning of New York City and remap the city to reflect the realities of 2017...
  • Using Google’s BigQuery to Better Understand the Python Ecosystem
    In my case, I've recently been using Python more for data analysis, and found myself wondering what packages were most frequently used by other data scientists. I could, of course, just Google "best Python packages for data science," but in the spirit of statistics, I wanted to make a data-driven decision as opposed to relying on anecdote...


  • Data Scientist - Foreign and Commenwealth Office - London, UK
    The FCO promotes the UK interests overseas, supporting our citizens and businesses around the globe. 
    Joining the new data science team, you will pioneer and promote better use of data. You will advise stakeholders on use of data, ensuring that data science is integrated into wider Whitehall and overseas.
    A self-starter, you are also an experienced data science professional with a strong focus on delivery. You must be able to produce clear and persuasive communications reaching targeted audiences.  As a data science specialist, you will enjoy maintaining and expanding your knowledge base...

Training & Resources


  • How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed
    "very interesting book that presents the pattern recognition theory of mind (PRTM), which describes the basic algorithm of the neocortex (the region of the brain responsible for perception, memory, and critical thinking)"......
    For a detailed list of books covering Data Science, Machine Learning, AI and associated programming languages check out our resources page...
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