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Data Science Weekly Newsletter
February 9, 2017

Editor's Picks

  • A Litany of Problems With p-values
    In my opinion, null hypothesis testing and p-values have done significant harm to science. The purpose of this note is to catalog the many problems caused by p-values. As readers post new problems in their comments, more will be incorporated into the list, so this is a work in progress...
  • Using Machine Learning to Predict Parking Difficulty
    Much of driving is spent either stuck in traffic or looking for parking. With products like Google Maps and Waze, it is our long-standing goal to help people navigate the roads easily and efficiently. But until now, there wasn’t a tool to address the all-too-common parking woes...

A Message From This Week's Sponsor

  • Get hired as a data scientist

    In data science, one size does not fit all. That's why Thinkful's customizable curriculum is so critical. Learn Python tools to collect & analyze data, statistics and probability to form the right framework, and machine learning to create models that predict the future. View the Flexible Data Science Bootcamp syllabus
    to learn more about our online, part-time bootcamp.

Data Science Articles & Videos

  • Mark Cuban on Why You Need to Study AI or You’ll be a Dinosaur in 3 Years
    Mark Cuban opened the Upfront Summit in an epic interview by Jason Hirschhorn, founder of Media REDEF. They discussed many topics ranging from protection of the press to what Mark looks for in an entrepreneur to investing outside of Silicon Valley and of course Trump and sports. But perhaps to most insightful was their discussion about Machine Learning / AI...
  • Clustering Similar Stories Using LDA
    With our scale of millions of articles and constant stream of documents, it’s impossible to generate roundups manually. So, we have developed a clustering algorithm that’s both fast and scalable, and in this blog post, I will explain how we create these roundups on Flipboard...
  • The Power of Big Data and Psychographics
    In a 10 minute presentation at the 2016 Concordia Summit, Mr. Alexander Nix discusses the power of big data in global elections. Cambridge Analytica’s revolutionary approach to audience targeting, data modeling, and psychographic profiling has made them a leader in behavioral microtargeting for election processes around the world...
  • Build a super fast deep learning machine for under $1,000
    Yes, you can run TensorFlow on a $39 Raspberry Pi, and yes, you can run TensorFlow on a GPU powered EC2 node for about $1 per hour. And yes, those options probably make more practical sense than building your own computer. But if you’re like me, you’re dying to build your own fast deep learning machine...
  • Color Quantization Using K-Means
    In this article I'd like to talk about color quantization and how the k-means clustering algorithm can be used to perform it and how it performs compared to simpler methods..
  • Visualizing Time-Series Change
    To evaluate the different methods for visualizing change, I chose to examine population data from the three major North American countries...


Training & Resources

  • Introduction to ggraph: Layouts
    I will soon submit ggraph to CRAN - I swear! But in the meantime I’ve decided to build up anticipation for the great event by publishing a range of blog posts describing the central parts of ggraph: Layouts, Nodes, Edges, and Connections. All of these posts will be included with ggraph as vignettes — potentially in slightly modified form. To kick off everything we’ll start with the first thing you’ll have to think about when plotting a graph structure...


  • Bayes Theorem: A Visual Introduction For Beginners
    "This book takes what can be a daunting and complex subject and breaks it down with a series of easy to follow examples which buildup to deliver a great overall explanation of how to use Bayes Theorem for basic analysis and even off-the-cuff critical thinking"...

    For a detailed list of books covering Data Science, Machine Learning, AI and associated programming languages check out our resources page...

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