Data Science Weekly Newsletter - Issue 56

Issue #56

Dec 18 2014


Editor Picks

  • The NIPS Experiment
    Half the papers appearing at NIPS would be rejected if the review process were rerun...

Data Science Articles & Videos

  • Facebook offers solution to end drunken posts
    Facebook is working on software that could prevent users posting unflattering photos of themselves.Combining image recognition and artificial intelligence, the system would be able to distinguish between drunk and sober pictures...
  • Reducing your R memory footprint by 7000x
    R is notoriously a memory heavy language. I don't necessarily think this is a bad thing--R wasn't built to be super performant, it was built for analyzing data! ...
  • How to build a Hotel Review Analyzer
    We combined Kimono and MonkeyLearn to create a machine learning model that learns to predict the sentiment of hotel reviews. Kimono helped us easily retrieve the training data from the web and MonkeyLearn helped us to build the sentiment analysis classifier....
  • Translating SQL to pandas. And back.
    This tutorial will provide an introduction to both syntaxes, allowing those inexperienced with either SQL or pandas to learn a bit of both, while also bridging the gap between the two, so that practitioners of one can learn the other from their perspective. Additionally, I'll discuss the tradeoffs between each and why one might be better suited for some tasks than the other...
  • What do data scientists get hired to do?
    One important step to properly get started in a new field is to understand what it is that the job / role actually does. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the field (data science) is so big right now that what matters differs drastically from job to job...


  • Data Scientist - Your Mechanic, Mountain View, CA

    YourMechanic is expanding nationwide and we are looking for a Data Scientist / Data Analyst. We are looking for someone who believes that there is a lot more information in data than a cursory look can reveal. This is our first data scientist position. You will be in charge of selecting and integrating to a data solution provider (or building your own), designing and building our analysis framework and working with marketing & operations team to analyze data and inform policy decisions...

Training & Resources

  • 15 In-Depth Data Science Interviews - Volume 2
    Given the success of our first Interview Series, we kept going! Over the past few months we have been lucky enough to conduct in-depth interviews with another 15 different Data Scientists...
  • PlanOut: A language for online experiments
    Today, we are officially announcing the release of PlanOut 0.5, which includes a React-based PlanOut language editor, and brings the interpreter into feature-parity with the latest version of PlanOut we use internally at Facebook...



  • Data Scientists at Work

    JUST RELEASED: A collection of interviews with sixteen of the world's most influential and innovative data scientists from across the spectrum of this hot new profession...

    "In this book, you will see how some of the world's top data scientists work across a dizzyingly wide variety of industries and applications – each leveraging their own blend of domain expertise, statistics, and computer science to create tremendous value and impact..."
    - Peter Norvig, Director of Research, Google

    For a detailed list of books covering Data Science, Machine Learning, AI and associated programming languages check out our resources page.
P.S. Did you check out the book? It would make our day (and frankly our year!) if you'd take a quick look and help spread the word :-) - All the best, H & S
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