Data Science Weekly Newsletter - Issue 231

Issue #231

Apr 26 2018

Editor Picks
  • Why I've lost faith in p values
    There has been a lot written over the past decade (and even longer) about problems associated with null hypothesis statistical testing (NHST) and p values. Personally, I have found most of these arguments unconvincing. However, one of the problems with p values has been gnawing at me for the past couple years, and it has finally gotten to the point that I'm thinking about abandoning p values. ...

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Data Science Articles & Videos

  • Toward the Jet Age of machine learning
    Solving the challenges of efficiency, automation, and safety will require cooperation between researchers and engineers spanning both academia and industry...
  • Building An AI-Powered Society with AI Fund's Andrew Ng | Greymatter
    In this episode of Greymatter, Greylock’s Sarah Guo and Dr. Andrew Ng, one of the foremost leaders in AI discuss AI and ML techniques being used in industry today, areas of ongoing research, how companies can leverage this technology, and the broader impact on the future workforce...
  • Lessons from My First Two Years of AI Research
    A friend of mine who is about to start a career in artificial intelligence research recently asked what I wish I had known when I started two years ago. Below are some lessons I have learned so far. They range from general life lessons to relatively specific tricks of the AI trade. I hope others find them useful...



  • Data Scientist / Statistician - Warby Parker - NYC
    Warby Parker’s Data Science team develops tools to help our company make better decisions. Since Warby Parker is vertically integrated, with a strong retail and e-commerce business, there are a lot of places for statistics and machine learning to improve how we operate.

    As a Data Scientist / Statistician you’ll lead one to three projects at a time, working closely with our Product Manager and other Data Scientists to bring your project to fruition. You’ll spend time talking to people in other parts of the business, using your knowledge of math and statistics to model their challenges and make their problems amenable to being aided by data...

Training & Resources

  • Tell PyTorch To Do An In Place Operation
    Learn how to tell PyTorch to do an in-place operation by using an underscore after an operation's name, via a screencast video and full tutorial transcript...



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